Tau crisis suit loadouts 8th

The 7th Edition Tactics are here. Because you like shooting and battlemechs, and being an optimist in a crapsack universe. And lots of overwatch. Just stay the fuck out of melee if you don't want to be tabled. Apart from a few special characters with predetermined septs, this keyword is entirely up to you for each unit. As of the revised Codex: Space Marines, many armies can now represent their lesser known chapter equivalents or create their own.

The Tau gain the ability to make bespoke Sept Tenets in The Greater Good by choosing two abilities from the list below:. This deserves its own section, due to its importance to the army.

tau crisis suit loadouts 8th

Lots of your units have Markerlights and when a unit is hit by a Markerlight, place a counter by it for the remainder of the phase. Effects depend on the number of Markerlight counters on a unit, and are cumulative. In addition, Markerlight counters are no longer used up for their effects, so you can really pour focused fire onto a lit target - but make sure you actually do make use of them once placed, because they'll be gone at the end of the Shooting phase or the Charge phase if you're shooting them on Overwatch.

Expect a lot of S5 AP0 weapons, with a couple of High damage low output weapons on the bigger units, all of which come with above-average range. Another viewpoint: It really depends on the army you are facing.

Secondary wargear for battlesuit type units, not usually worth replacing a weapon for, but can be when taken in addition to them. Also known as your relics. Please note that you cannot give any of these to Kroot units.

Although why you would want to give a relic to a Kroot Shaper is beyond me. Like the Tyranids, instead of picking one Signature Systems, you can give any unit one of these, which will replace all of its equivalent weapons when available.

Note that they aren't relics but you can use the multi-relic strat to generate up to 3 of these. Likewise, none of them displace actual relics, so you can put a relic plus one of them on the same unit. Some of these affect all models in the unit, so all 10 of your Crisis Suits can gain bonuses. Consider this when sticking something on a single commander They are making less appealing options very appealing: Crisis Suits in all configurations, Railguns of all forms, and Ion Accelerators.

With farsight around and an ATS on each one the melee damage output for these is enough not to be ignored.T'au XV8 Crisis Battlesuits in action. A T'au Battlesuit is an advanced powered combat exoskeleton that forms an integral part of the T'au Fire Caste 's military forces.

T'au Battlesuits incorporate many different types of T'au weapons systems and armour and are the foremost sign of reputation and honour amongst the warriors of the Fire Caste -- they are the apex of the T'au's military technology. Only the greatest heroes of the Fire Caste stride to war in these mighty armoured machines, and they are the pride of the caste as well as one of the most important symbols of the T'au Empire.

tau crisis suit loadouts 8th

Battlesuits can easily lay down a withering hail of fire to destroy both infantry and vehicles, and possess the resilience and speed to shrug off heavy fire. Though the armies of the T'au rely on their skimmer-tanks and the airborne gunships of the Air Caste for long range support, the Battlesuits of the Fire Caste are considered to be the most efficient of all their many killing machines.

A Battlesuit usually requires only one pilot, and often has much the same firepower as a tank or aircraft. When a cadre comprised of heavy Battlesuits is deployed, it can change the course of a war. T'au Battlesuits are worn only by veteran T'au Fire Warriorsand vary in size, shape and tactical role.

There are a variety of different models of T'au Battlesuits, each geared towards a different battlefield role. Known Battlesuits range from the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit intended for heavy fire support and armed with weapons more similar to those found on the main battle tanks of other intelligent races, to the lightweight XV25 Stealthsuit which is designed for infiltration and sabotage operations.

The mainstay of all T'au Battlesuits, however, is the versatile XV8 Crisis Battlesuit and its multiple derivatives, which are capable of carrying a wide variety of weapons and support equipment to optimise them for fighting in any tactical situation or role. All T'au Battlesuits represent the pinnacle of the advanced technologies that have been developed by the Earth Casteand often wield powerful heavy weapons which are complemented by Battlesuit Support Systems and varying types of T'au wargear -- tools that allow them to defeat any foe and master any situation.

A pilot ensconced in a Battlesuit can weather some of the harshest conditions the elements can muster, glide through the void, and annihilate foes he could never hope to vanquish otherwise. Most T'au Battlesuits share several similar features and the latest upgraded equipment, such as advanced sensors or Blacksun Filtersthe advanced Multi-Tracker target acquisition system, recoil absorbers, an internal environmental seal, and a T'au Jetpack.

Many marks of T'au Battlesuit also carry wholly unique gear to better aid them in their designated role. There are always new system upgrades and weapon fittings in the works for T'au Battlesuits by the Earth Caste, usually prototypes that are put into full-scale production only once they have been exactingly tested.

All T'au Battlesuits are constructed of a lightweight yet strong nano-crystalline alloy called fio'tak in the T'au Lexiconwhich is light, malleable, impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant, reducing the weight of the Battlesuit whilst also providing excellent protection. Even the armour's shape helps deflect solid projectiles, while a reflective liquid metal coating can reflect medium-grade laser fire.

In the cases of heavier Battlesuits, additional nano-layers are added to upgrade the armour's thickness and grant even better protection. All T'au Battlesuits are piloted as much as they are worn, and no matter its model, each Battlesuit is a high-technology marvel that maintains a balance between offensive capability, armoured protection, speed, agility and utility.

It is little wonder then that only the most experienced of Fire Warriors are promoted to the rank of Shas'uithe first honoured grade within the Fire Caste deemed worthy to pilot a Battlesuit. The Fire Caste believe that warfare is an art form, a discipline to be studied, practised, mastered and applied. First among their teachings is the Code of Fire, which promotes mobile, rapid warfare and a clear disdain for close combat, favouring instead the application of ranged firepower.

The first T'au Battlesuits were developed as a direct result of this martial philosophy, providing Hunter Cadres of the Fire Caste with increased mobility and superior firepower to better destroy their enemies.

The advancement of T'au Battlesuits has mirrored the rate at which the T'au have expanded across the galaxy. The earliest prototypes were field-tested during the early stages of the First Sphere Expansionand although they were successful, the going was slow.

In M39, improvements in anti-gravitic motors were combined with relatively new T'au Battlesuit technology at the time to form the first T-Series Battlesuits, which helped the Fire Caste complete the annexation of the Tash'var Sept.

Though lumbering and inefficient when compared to their descendants, the T-series allowed the Fire Caste to engage foes otherwise beyond their abilities, and also gave the Earth Caste a critical opportunity to pioneer and field test many technologies that would be crucial to their development of later models.

The original fossil fuel-powered T-series was quickly replaced with the V-series, which instead was powered by nuclear fission reactors. Though early marks of the V-series inundated their pilots with deadly radiation, later models were able to account for this problem, at which point Battlesuits began to be a mainstay of the military forces of the T'au Empire.Seen in every campaign the Tau have been involved in, the XV-8 Crisis suit is piloted only by those who have reached the rank of Shas'ui, but is ubiquitous enough that it is commonly used by many commanders in the Tau Empire as well.

The suit itself is highly customisable, capable of carrying a wide variety of weapon load-outs and specialist equipment, including rare signature systems. The XV8 is the Tau's general-purpose workhorse battlesuit.

Tau Codex Review: Elites: XV8 Crisis Team

It's big enough to fit the pilot in its chest and tough enough to sustain punishment that could kill a Space Marine. The most common loadout for Crisis suits is two weapons and one support system, although builds exist that employ all hardpoints for either weapons Gunship crisis or support systems Buffmander.

Crisis suits are usually deployed in teams of three, known as Ta'Ro'Cha, which are usually composed of close friends who have served together since they were Shas'la. Occasionally a pilot who has lost both his comrades can become a solitary warrior, or Monat. Having to face a greater daemon can cause a similar behaviour. Depending on how the death of his fellows affected him, he can become either a Rambo or a Kamikaze.

The XV8 was created during the First Sphere of Expansion, but was only used very sparely because the energy generators at the time were too weak to power the heavy suit for longer than an hour or so at a time. On top of that, the anti-gravity drive wasn't invented yet, so it was a ponderous piece of junk.

Later, the XV8 got both a powerful internal generator and a gravitic drive, and its reputation among Tau military technology climbed until it became the mainstay battlesuit of the Tau Empire.

Unlike the Imperium, Tau tech actually goes forward, thus Crisis in more recent editions come stock with Multitrackers akimboBlacksun filters those eagle-eye glasses and can control drones without needing an outdately-named Drone controller which now provides enhanced controlfreeing a lot of hardpoints. It's also interestingly that formerly experimental weapon often gets into wider production as more general use options such as the Airbursting Fragmentation Projector or Stimulant injectors as one of the few times fluff and crunch line up.

Disregarding the fluff a littlea Crisis team can be tau strong, and cannot eject anymore due to not having access to that item in the codex. But they get yet more guns and stuff. Tau battlesuits all have the ability to Deep-Strike onto the battlefield except for the Broadside and R'Varna models, as they lack jetpacks.

Crisis suits can make the best use of this ability as they have the greatest level of tactical variety, given their wide choice of weaponry and support systems. As long as you have a properly prepped Crisis suit team held back in reserves, you can adapt to anything your opponent throws at you. Standby for Titanfall indeed. Jetpacks man, just, fucking jetpacks. Roll 2D6, move anywhere you want within that distance, and you only check for terrain if you land in a bad place.

In addition, jetpack infantry status confers the Relentless special rule. Enjoy shooting heavy weapons on the move. Optionally, double-tap those plasma rifles into a squad of Tactical Marines or Terminatorsand leap behind an obscuring wall to escape return fire or charge what's left of the Tactical Squad if you're feeling ballsy. Just don't charge the Terminators. No, you still don't want it to happen even with battlesuits, but if you run out of options, Crisis teams actually aren't half bad in an assault.

They have two base attacks at S5, which can pretty easily take out light infantry such as Guardsmen and Ork Boyz. However, WS2 and I2 means they're dead against heavier assault troops, but then again, so are many things. Keep in mind though that a single Marine -wielded power fist or any other S8 attack means instant death for the T4 Crisis suits, so only try this against light or injured foes where a piss poor initiative and weapon skill are largely irrelevant.

The only time you would really need to do this though is if your battlesuit team was outfitted with only anti-infantry weaponry and didn't have any fusion blasters, missile pods, or other guns that would do the job much more effectively.

Or if the tank in question is still standing with one or may be two HP after getting shot by said guns, and you really want it dead before it could shoot back. A combination of dual flamers and vectored retro-thrusters as a support system. This allows you to throw down 2 templates before darting away in the Assault Phase and will keep you up close and personal with the enemy's infantry, while the vectored retro-thrusters allow you a chance to escape from melee, even if at Initiative 2.

A whole squad of three XV8s with this configuration is able to dish out a genuine HELL on the battlefield, eating hordes of light infantry like there's no tomorrow, and even Terminators wouldn't charge them lightheartedly. And for an extra bonus, they're cheap too, with the team coming in at points in total 37 points per suit.It mounts a vast array of fearsome ranged weaponry as well as a complement of technologically advanced support systems on a comparatively small and agile frame that offers the T'au pilot within exceptional protection.

Of all the weapons systems employed by the T'au, the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is easily the most distinctive and recognisable due to its reputation as an efficient and lethal weapon of war. The XV8 Crisis Battlesuit strikes a perfect balance between offensive capability, armoured protection, speed, manoeuvrability and utility. It is a towering T'au Battlesuit, easily twice the size of the Fire Warrior who wears it.

A wonder of Earth Caste engineering, only the T'au could master the secrets of producing the dense nanocrystalline alloy that forms the thick protective armour of the XV8.

When it comes to deflecting and withstanding damage, the XV8's armour is comparable to the ceramite used by the Imperium of Man 's Space Marinesbut weighs substantially less. Agile for its size, the XV8 is extremely manoeuvrable as it mounts a Jetpack with repulsor jet engines -- another unique Earth Caste invention that combines the functionality of a jet with antigravitic technology.

tau crisis suit loadouts 8th

These powerful thrusters allow the XV8 to vault battlefield obstacles and to make bounding leaps to gain advantageous firing positions, or to avoid incoming shots. By firing off the jets to slow descent, it is possible for a warrior in a XV8 Crisis Battlesuit to make a combat drop -- arriving to the battlefield suddenly by leaping from an airborne Orca or Manta transport aircraft.

While its protective armour and mobility are highly valued by the T'au, it is the ability of the XV8 Battlesuit to carry multiple weapons and support systems that makes them so incredibly dangerous and versatile. Designed to compensate for the recoil of light weapons fire, the XV8's weapon loadout can be easily altered to reflect mission requirements or the pilot's own personal preference. Additional upgrades, from Multi-Tracker fire-control systems, to Homing Beacons or Shield Generatorsfurther enhance the fighting abilities of this impressive Battlesuit.

New technological improvements are made to the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit all the time, yet its core aspect remains iconic and unchanged.

MAGNETIZING Secrets - How to magnetize your army! - HD

The XV8 is the armoured embodiment of the Tau'vaits inspirational image blazoned on T'au propaganda holovids from Fi'rios to Fal'shiaand even upon the distant worlds of the Farsight Enclaves.

To the T'au, the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is more than just a powerful weapon of war; it is also the foremost symbol of great achievement, honour and reputation -- a symbol of everything the Fire Caste stands for, of ignorance and evil crushed by the potent combination of technological supremacy and martial skill.

Although the XV8 Crisis Battlesuit is by far the most commonly deployed Battlesuit in the T'au armour, only those Fire Warriors who prove themselves in battle earn the right to wear it and bear the name of Shas'ui -- the first honoured rank that can pilot a T'au Battlesuit.

XV-8 Crisis Battlesuit

To do so is a great honour, and means the Fire Warrior has passed his first Trial by Fire after four years of service on the line. This is the aspiration of every Fire Caste warrior -- recognition of a mastery of the Code of Fire and noble service to the Greater Good.

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits have been utilised almost since the start of T'au expansion into the space surrounding their homeworld and the nearby star systems in the Ultima Segmentum. Since then, the XV8 has been fielded in almost every single engagement of the Fire Caste against those who would oppose the Greater Goodfrom the largest such as the Damocles Gulf Crusadeto smaller instances such as the Kappa Mortis Incident.

The advancement of the Battlesuit has mirrored the rate at which the T'au have expanded across the galaxy. The earliest prototypes were field-tested during the early stages of the First Sphere Expansionand although they were successful, the going was slow. In M39, improvements in anti-gravitic motors were combined with the relatively new T'au Battlesuit technology at the time to form the first T-series Battlesuits, which helped the Fire Caste complete the annexation of the Tash'var Sept.

The earliest prototypes were field-tested during the early stages of the First Sphere Expansion, and although they were successful, the going was slow. The original fossil fuel-powered T-series was quickly replaced with the V-series, which used fission reaction, although radiation poisoning was still problematic.

It was not until the end of that first period of rapid growth that Battlesuit technology began to regularly appear within the Hunter Cadres. Not surprisingly, it was at these final stages that the T'au won their largest battles, as the elite formations began to refine their tactics to take advantage of what the armoured suits could do. By the start of the Second Sphere Expansiongreat strides had been made in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit design, particularly in the areas of power sources and the increased potency of weapon load-outs.

By the end of this period, repulsor jump jet technology came into its own and the Hunter Cadres were conquering new planets in the name of the T'au Empire at a rate never before seen. At present, XV8 Crisis Battlesuits have never been more successful, and continual upgrades, different marks and variants, as well as new prototypes are continually being developed to advance the Greater Good.

The devastating power of XV8 Crisis Battlesuits can be clearly be seen when looking back upon large scale conflicts during the T'au Empire's three spheres of expansion.

Night was the worst, as under the cover of darkness, Fire Warriors in XV8 Crisis Battlesuits made swift, hard-hitting strikes. With their superior optics technology, major losses were inflicted upon the Imperial armour, with little damage being suffered in return.

Mankind's elite Space Marines attempted to land behind T'au lines and regain the initiative, but were defeated by teams of heavily armed XV8s whose formidable firepower quickly downed their transports. T'au XV8 Crisis Battlesuits in action.By ChapelJune 23, in Warhammer 40, I'm new to Tau and wanted to ask a couple questions about crisis suit loadouts after someone mentioned a few ideas to me for helping out my list.

Tau Crisis suits have access to 3 weapons systems, you don't have to buy 3 but you can get up to three. I was under the impression that if you buy two missile pods for example, that they automatically get twin linked instead of being two separate missile pods. Obviously if you have two weapons not twin linked then you get double the shots which may or may not be preferable.

Can you choose to buy two separate systems and just pay the single weapons points twice instead of twin linking them? Any advice is appreciated. I have never professed to be a supreme Tau commander, nor do I play one on TV, so please take this with a grain of salt.

So with those caveats I think the burst cannon is only viable if I pay the extra points, make them 2 single weapons choices and just load out the entire squad with them. I think flamers aren't really my cup of tea, as I don't like being that close to folks.

But I know some folks like them. I think the missle pods are nice, but are better used on other suits i. Low shot output though and I use my XV8's for more output usually. I think that the plasma rifles which I find to be the most popular loadout that I see are good, even though not a big shot output. Load out a second one to help. In Codex: Tau Empire on page 95 it reads to me as if you could pay the higher points costs for "a standard, single version" instead of HAVING to pay the lower points costs for "two weapons counting as a twin-linked weapon of that type.

If you don't want the weapons being twin-linked, pay the single weapon points cost twice. Don is correct. You can pay the base cost of the weapon twice to double it's shots.

I typically run suits with 2 Burst Cannons to take advantage of the ability to crank out 24 shots from a squad of 3. Flamers are pretty rad as you can take a twin-linked set re-roll to wound and an additional one. They are the only weapon that is good twin-linked. Even then, that is debatable. Suicide deep strike and burn some baddies into oblivion.

Other loadouts is your call. One favorite of mine is 2 Fusion Blasters and a Flamer. Deep strike in, break a big thing, jump away, use flamers for defense from charges. Works well, but expensive. Suits will almost always want to take two weapons so that they can use their Multitracker, though it's good to remember that in 7E you can only fire the extra weapon during the shooting phase- during Overwatch or Interceptor shots, you only get one gun.

Pretty much all of the weapon systems have their uses, but not all of them are equally useful; that is to say, some of them, while good at what they do, are just too narrow to take for general purpose lists, so you probably won't see them as much.So finally — we have Tau weapons. An interesting array of numbers that are… well rather low. The flamer has strong stats compared to anything else in the anti-infantry department until we get to MEQ type units and the dual roles of the CIB actually make it decent against MEQ type infantry and light to medium vehicles.

Range is an issue there though — same with the Fusion Blaster.

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

Get five markerlights for a bonus to hit the only other one which would apply to is really going to be no cover but we are running these tables without cover regardless or when Advancing and shooting most of their weapons and that green is becoming a bit more prominent.

And finally we see what happens when we add in ATS in order — no markerlights, 1 markerlight and 5 markerlights. We see a strong increase in general damage with the ATS — probably the best 8 points you can spend on the smaller models, particularly given most of the weapons are Assault so you have less use for things like Target Locks. Picking out a few random numbers we see anywhere from a Half the range is a big negative though but with a standard Crisis Suit sporting two Missile Pods and an ATS being a staggering 98 points, shaving 12 points off for better damage may be worth it.

Missiles and CIBs apparently do damage — we all know this, the math back its up but a Broadside at points does about T7 vehicles. Your light transports, flyers and light vehicles can quite easily be turned into lunch meat by a single Broadside but once we start hitting Rhino toughness, their damage output drops dramatically.

The significant advantages across the board though seem to warrant the double the points cost. Markerlights really double the damage of the Broadsides though and allow them to move and shoot — super important these little buggers are. Surprisingly the Ion Cannon does the same damage on standard shots compared to Overcharging along the lower durability lines. D3 random shots will do that but the ceiling for Overcharging is obviously higher potentially needing a Command Point re-roll to maximise those chances when you need it.

If you force the Ion Cannon Overcharge to three shots, the damage is quite a bit more in the multi-wound model department. Also surprisingly, the Railgun is consistently on par with the Ion Cannon across the multi-wound model durability. It is a little bit behind in the less durable area i. Similarly to the HRR for the Broadsides though, I am not a fan of the limited rolls — one shot and one D6 roll is frustrating when you flub it I had a game where I playtested Longstrike in a Railhead — missed all 3 shots, stupid Markerlights.

The HBC shreds lighter infantry but we have no need for that in Tau — the amount of anti-infantry shooting they bring is strong but if we move along into the mid-durability section, the HBC is comparable to Broadsides with HYMP — it drastically falls off though once things hit T7.

The Ion Accelerator is pretty much the same across all three functions against weak infantry leave it for the Pulse weapons! Based on this I will have to give an Iontide a go but 3FKeels Fusion Collider, 2x Fusion Blaster seem like a solid option for tougher armor as well at half the cost.

Important to note here that all these weapons are heavy so Target Locks are being used to ignore that though markerlights can be used as well freeing up the option for other support systems. I also forgot to include ATS sorry — just imagine those numbers being even higher. The Cluster Rockets pick off infantry like no tomorrow though obviously fall sharply as soon as there is some armor involved. The Pulse Blastcannon and Pulse Driver Cannon do comparable damage to the Iontide but, the Blastcannon need you to be really close to get those numbers and the Driver Cannon is 82 points more expensive for less damage across the board.

Otherwise, nothing really unexpected here — most of the weapons are terrible at damaging anything with some sort of durability but put enough shots down and damage can be seen. The make up of a Tau army is going to look vastly different. Markerlights are so key though. And your whole army can use that on the particular target.

And, how do you integrate the data about wound percentages against range, platform mobility, and platform cost variables? I missed the last couple table articles, so I feel like I've got some catching up to do. But I am curious about your current thoughts. Less Crisis — Commanders for sure though.

Not sure on Broadsides yet but without them, there's a lack of high ROF middle strength weapons.Next up is the renowned XV-8 Crisis Team. They are the heart and soul of the Tau army, and they have been since Tau were first released. Let's see how to best utilize our old friends in 7th edition 40k. Strap yourselves in, this will be a long one Unit Description An XV-8 team is made up of crisis battlesuits and up to 2 drones per suit.

An XV-8 has the same initiative, weapon skill, and ballistic skill as a Firewarrior, despite their status as elite infantry. Their elite status is shown in their higher leadership, an extra attack, and their crisis suit. In addition, the suit makes the model Jetpack Infantry.

They can each take three weapons or support systems in any combination. The veteran upgrade has further access to signature systems one-per-army items.

The possibilities for these teams are limitless, granting them a level of customization unmatched by any other unit in the game. Battlefield Role A crisis team can fill any role required, which makes it very hard to describe what their role in the Tau army is.

Some players build their army around the crisis teams, selecting other units to complement them. Other players put the crisis teams in last, filling any holes left by their other units. Their high strength and extra attack even make them not-so-bad in close combat, though "dedicated close combat" is one of the few battlefield roles that they are NOT capable of executing well. You've got Hammerheads and Piranhas so you are short on medium firepower.

All this is to say that their battlefield role can be almost anything you want it to be, and they will be good at doing it. Loadouts Again, the possibilities make this a hard thing to nail down in a Tactica summary, so I'll say a few words about each option.

Let's start with the weapon choices, in order of popularity: Plasma Rifles. Often taken as a pair to maximise AP2 fire output. As AP2 is lacking in other parts of the codex, I am putting this as the most popular weapon choice. Missile Pods. I consider this weapon a close second in popularity. The Missile Pod is awesome and cramming more of them into your list is never a bad idea. The only reason this one loses out to the Plasma Rifle, is because Broadsides can put out more Missile Pod fire with greater accuracy.

Can be taken as a pair, but are often twin-linked to save points. Fusion Blasters. Crisis suits are the best firing platform for this weapon, though it is available in a few other parts of the codex. Either taken with a Plasma Rifle for low AP utility or twin-linked and put on a suicide Monat for Deep Striking next to enemy heavy armour.

A handy add-on for Overwatch support, but rarely the suit's primary weapon Burst Cannon. Works great on an XV-8 but there are plenty of other sources for S5 firepower, so it is not usually taken. Specialty Weapons. The Cyclic Ion Blaster and Airbursting Fragmentation Projector are both excellent weapons, but you can only take one of each in your army.

In addition, their profiles make them less synergistic with the more popular weapons Plasma Rifles and Missile Pods.

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